Project Portfolio


UCD Brewing and Food Science Laboratory / Teaching and Research Winery


University of California, Davis


Davis, CA


Flad Architects

Mechanical Engineer

Frank M. Booth, Inc.

Year Complete



20,000 SF

Contract Type

Design Build

Additional Information

Single story campus facility for food, wine and beer production pilot projects.  Custom metal building with offices, classrooms, labs and process rooms.  Includes a large experimental fermentation area, controlled temperature rooms, barrel and bottle cellars and testing labs. 

Fully solar-powered at peak load; equipped to capture and sequester all carbon dioxide from its fermentations; and operates on captured rainwater for its cleaning needs, recycling solutions at least five times.

LEED® Platinum Certified, US Green Building Council, for energy efficiency and water recovery.

2011 DBIA Regional Award

Mechanical Contractor

Frank M. Booth, Inc.

Project Overview



Mechanical Highlights

  • FMB was the design engineer and the mechanical contractor.
  • One high efficiency air handling unit with heat recovery.
  • Thirteen VAV/reheat zones, heating and chilled circuits.
  • Four water source heat pumps.
  • Ten exhaust fans.
  • SS, DCW, DHW, process water (PW)
  • Cold boxes.
  • Steam to HHW HX, Campus CW and Steam.
  • Controls
  • Project energy model exceeds T-24 compliance by 36.2%.

Environmentally Responsible Design - Project Design includes the following highlights:

Water Efficiency -  Ultra Low Consumption Fixtures; Water Reuse System; Enhanced Water Treatment

Energy Efficiency - Solar Power providing 17.5% Peak Power; Heat Recovery; Night Purge System; Low Velocity Ductwork & Piping; VFD’s on all pumps/fans

Indoor Environmental Quality - Increased Ventilation; Equipped to capture and sequester all carbon dioxide from its fermentations; CO2 monitoring